Picture Perfect for Upington Dream


Growing dreams in the Upington township of Paballelo has been one of the most rewarding projects we’ve undertaken. That’s because this dream has inspired contributions from individuals across South Africa and from many parts of the world, including Sweden, Spain, the United States and the UK.

Morne and Keturah de Klerk are photographers from Australia, who spent three months travelling 8 000kms through the poorest villages and townships of South Africa, capturing images and stories for what became a much-acclaimed book called Africa’s Beautiful Game.


While the World Cup showcased the richest players on earth, Keturah and Morne’s journey brought them close to the hope and joy the beautiful game brings to people living in deep poverty. And part of their trip took them to the townships of Upington, a visit of special significance to Morne who grew up in the Northern Cape.

"In particular, in Upington and surrounds, we were most warmly welcomed by teams who really had no idea why we were there,” he says. “They were just so willing to show us what they were doing and explain how soccer was helping the people in their community.  This, combined with the stunning landscape around Ses Brugge, Nsikellelo and Pabellelo made for stunning photos that wowed viewers in Australia."


Morne and Keturah donated proceeds from an exhibition in Adelaide to Dreamfields, and the money has gone towards equipping all the primary schools in Upington with DreamBags.

To see more photographs from Africa’s Beautiful Game, go to this link: http://photographylife.com.au/projects/index.php

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